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Click Link to view installation process of Grooved Drawer Runners:


This video shows a 17mm Drawer Runner installation but is the same procedure for a 27mm Drawer Runner

Q. How do I tell if I need a 17mm or 27mm Grooved Drawer Runner?

A. First you must check that your drawers have a groove running on the outside of each side of the drawer...if yes, you need to measure the height of the groove (top to bottom). It will either be 17mm or 27mm in height.

Q. If I am purchasing a grooved drawer runner how do I tell the length that I require?

A. Once you have established whether you require a 17mm or 27mm Groove Drawer Runner (as in question above), you will need to measure the length of your existing runner (front to back of runner) closed length. If your runner has two separate lengths then you will need to measure the longest length. Once you have the measurement in mm's our runners are detailed with the length measurement under both 17mm and 27mm grooved drawer runners.

Q. How can I determine what style of runner I require?

A. You will need to estabilish if your existing runner system is any of the following:

Grooved Drawer Runner - Ball Bearing - Is your runner fixed within a groove in the drawer and running on ball bearings? Yes - You will now need to confirm if you have a 17mm or 27mm groove runner - see above questions 1 and 2.

Guide Rail Runner - Is your runner a Plastic Rail fixed to the carcass of your furniture unit? Yes - You will need to measure the length and thickness to establish the size you require.

Roller Runner - Base Mounted - Is your existing runner fixed to the base of the drawer and does the runner have a white/cream nylon wheel wish runs between the carcass and drawer section of the runner? Yes - You will need to confirm the depth of your drawer (measurment from front to back of drawer) or measure the length of your existing Runner.

If none of the above apply to your requirement, you will find our Technical Team of great help with more information to assist you.  Call us on 01993 700709.