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Door Latch

The simple door latch is an old, very effective, tried and tested model of latch which is used to great effect across the world. The initial design and function of the door latch is a very simple one ? to secure a door or gateway while allowing ease of access by anyone who wants to pass through.

The design which most people will be familiar with is the rim latch design. This type of door latch is normally fitted to back gates, garden gates and sheds. The rim latch style door latch is extremely common and easy to install. All that is required is a screwdriver or drill so they can be installed by just about anybody.

The second main door latch design is the tubular mortice latch, which in plain terms is an internal bolt which can be locked in place. Again, this is a very common and effective type of door latch which is a little more robust than the rim latch but can require a bored hole if it is a one piece door latch. However, two piece designs are available which makes installation easier. Both of these designs are fully stocked at Catches and Latches and are a popular choice for homeowners wanting to tidy up their garden or patio.

Although the basic principle and design is very simple, Catches and Latches have a range of latches to choose from. We can supply a high quality door latch to suit any type of home or garden for a very reasonable price. Our staff have years of experience advising customers on the most relevant type of door latch for their home and will share their expertise and provide assistance to all our customers.

When the time comes to fit a new door latch for your home, consider the variety, quality and value for money that Catches and Latches can provide.